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You’ll be attending our new, larger facility and we are offering some great rates to help you get there. Now is the perfect time to start your new life in recovery. You can come from anywhere across Australia and we offer airport pickup & drop offs.

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Your foundation for recovery…

Your program of drug and alcohol recovery at Habitat is based on three cornerstones to provide a solid foundation, for recovering your way of life. First, initial treatment in a Residential Therapeutic Community, addressing the underlying precursors of your addiction through Psychological Therapies. And then, Counselling and Education, with you gaining the knowledge and tools required to live a clean and sober life through a 12 Step based personal recovery.

Your recovery programs are based on proven recovery methods and during your stay at one of our facilities, you will:

  • Participate in community living with other clients.
  • Undergo individual and group counselling sessions.
  • Participate in further study to gain understanding of addiction.
  • Attend external 12 step meetings regularly.
  • Participate in exercise programs to get your body, mind and spirit functioning in unison.

Your therapies will include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Group Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to target and correct mal-adaptive behaviours.

We provide treatments for alcohol addiction, ice addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and other drugs at our facility in Geelong (a short drive from Melbourne). We also encourage clients to come from interstate, like Adelaide or Sydney, because getting away from home and the associated triggers is always a good idea. Our point of difference is that the multi-dimensional recovery approach is the most comprehensive treatment program available. We offer residential drug and alcohol rehab combined with supportive accommodation.

Ongoing support for you & your family

During your initial stay at our residential drug and alcohol rehab centre, you will be introduced to a wide variety of support services and self-help options to assist in your choice to live as a recovering alcoholic/addict. We will provide support and education to your family and loved ones.

At Habitat this support and these services do not end at the completion of your initial program, we are committed to your recovery and therefore offer a range of continuing care options including:

  • Transitional housing.
  • Out patient programs.
  • Ongoing counselling & education.

These are available for you, your family and your loved ones, as well as networking and social contact options through social media for our former clients and their families. Many former clients embark on a career in helping others afflicted by drug and alcohol issues and we are pleased to be able to offer training and career pathways to assist this choice.

Habitat Therapeutics accepts that addiction can be a chronic relapsing condition and therefore offers education and counselling on relapse prevention as well as easy to access and economical pathways for follow up treatment should relapse occur.

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FAQs about our drug & alcohol programs

What is transition accommodation?

Transitioning is an optional part of our program of recovery. After satisfactorily completing a stay at our centre you will be encouraged to enter a further stay with less supervision and more freedoms. 

How long is the program for recovery?

The programs we offer vary in length. Depending on the results of your assessment there may be a period of detox which needs to be completed prior to beginning our programs. After Detox we recommend when possible clients should commit to 90 days. We do also offer 60 and 30 day programs. We encourage you to discuss this with our office.

What is the accommodation?

We run a residential facility which house up to 20 people. Each client has their own room. There are several common areas, large kitchens and comfortable outside gardens.

How much does it cost?

Every individual’s needs are different. The cost will depend upon various factors such as: what your Drug of Choice has been (includes Alcohol) and the length of Detox required, your initial assessment and personal circumstances. Approximate figures can be discussed with our staff over the phone but a firm quote can only be given after assessment and formal meetings.