Drug & Alcohol Rehab Melbourne

About Us

Our Mission

Habitat Therapeutics strives to bring Hope, Help and Health to those afflicted by drug and alcohol issues, in the quest for a happy, valued and meaningful life.

We believe and demonstrate that recovery from addiction is possible and we are committed to our clients treatment and progression into a recovering way of life.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Acceptance, Belonging, Integrity, Trust, Assertiveness, Teamwork

Our Team

Habitat Therapeutics was formed in 2016 by 2 friends who are walking their own path of recovery from addiction. They identified a need for a facility to help those who have lost their way due to alcoholism or addiction utilising well evidenced and proven methods. Many of our team members, including support staff, are recovering from the disease of addiction and are living examples of what can be achieved after accepting the opportunity to engage with a Therapeutic program of life changing possibilities.

The team at Habitat have extensive education and qualifications in Drug and Alcohol treatment with over 40 years combined experience & practice in the field of Alcohol & Drug addiction treatment. We are passionate and dedicated to the pursuit of providing a service that is best practice and industry standard. We are humbled that we can provide this service and nothing makes us happier than watching clients move forward with their lives after completing our programs.

We continually monitor the most up to date research to ensure we are offering a program of recovery with the most likely chance of a valued recovery experience on the client’s first stay. We pride ourselves on the after service we offer to continually help clients to integrate into a lifestyle that leads to a valued and meaningful life even if they hit a few hurdles in life. A reality based recovery program accepts the nature of a chronic relapsing condition and hopes to work with it and not against it in punitive ways.

If you have any questions about our program, team or facilities do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Our Facilities

Our modern facilities are purpose built, we aim to offer a comfortable, supportive environment in which clients can take the time they need and learn the skills required to begin the transformation from active addiction to recovery. While in our care, our clients will be actively involved in the running and maintenance of the ‘Therapeutic Community’ in which they are living. They will cook and eat delicious, nutritious meals, take part in Personal Training sessions, Yoga and Meditation sessions as well as walks in the beautiful surrounds, excursions to the beach, nature walks, swimming and other recreational activities.