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Employee Assistance

Our Victorian drug addiction & alcoholism rehab program for employees works.

70% of those that have completed the 90 day alcohol & drug rehab program have remained clean and sober.

Do you have a valued staff member who has lost their way? Habitat understands that valued skilled staff are hard to find and costly to replace. Problem drinking and illicit drug use affects more that 10% of the Australian working population. We can develop a program in consultation with an employee and their employer to get them on the road to recovery and back working to a high standard. The use of sick leave, unpaid leave and various funding options can be discussed often providing a more cost effective, efficient solution than replacing your valued employee.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Melbourne
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Melbourne

We offer pickup and drop off from Melbourne & the airport.

Our clients come from all states and capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Darwin.  Often it is good to remove the sufferer from their normal place of abode to create a gap to help them focus on their recovery and not what is occurring with their family and friends.

We provide treatments for alcohol addiction, ice addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and other drugs at our facility in Geelong (a short drive from Melbourne). We also encourage clients to come from interstate, like Adelaide or Sydney, because getting away from home and the associated triggers is always a good idea. Our point of difference is that the multi-dimensional recovery approach is the most comprehensive treatment program available. We offer residential drug and alcohol rehab combined with supportive accommodation.