Is your loved one suffering and in need of drug or alcohol treatment?

This is an awful situation to find yourself in and we understand how heartbreaking it is to watch someone you love struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. There is hope, and our rehabilitation program can help both you and your loved one deal with the addiction and find freedom.

Has your loved one tried to stop using drugs or alcohol before only to relapse back into addiction? We understand how common this is and strongly suggest a different course of action to change these destructive patterns of behaviour. This is where Habitat Therapeutics can help you.

How we can help

We’re a privately owned, Government approved 90-day drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre based in Geelong (VIC). We have a proven track record of success, with 70% of those who attend our 90-day cocaine rehabilitation program remaining clean & sober.

90 Days in Clinical Treatment – It is recommended that a person with alcohol and/or drug dependence spend a period of 90 days in a rehabilitation clinic. This gives them the best chance to develop new habits and learn the tools for ongoing recovery. We will help identify and change the behaviours that lead you to using drugs or alcohol and the mindsets that need to change to have a healthy and happy life.

What if they can’t do a 90 day stay?

We understand that a 90-day rehab program is not always possible and this is why we also offer 60 & 30-day rehabilitation programs, as well as access to resources and support services after you leave. Our shorter programs will set you up with the foundational tools and lifestyle changes needed to break the cycle of addiction.