We’re a privately owned drug & alcohol rehab centre based in Geelong, Victoria.

Our Melbourne-based residential drug rehab & alcohol rehab program really works. 70% of those that have completed the 90 day program have remained clean and sober. Based in Geelong, VIC – travelling here from Melbourne or interstate helps the drug or alcohol addict escape their triggers & focus on recovery.

  • We provide airport pickup & drop off for interstate clients and take clients from all cities & states (Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Perth & beyond).
  • We specialise in treating alcoholism/alcohol addiction, ice addiction, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, speed addiction & other drug addictions, with a high success rate.
  • Participate in daily fitness and wellbeing activities, as well as attending 12-step groups, counselling, CBT & ACT sessions and much more.
  • We have recently moved into a larger facility and are offering some great rates. Now is the perfect time to start your new life in recovery.

Our programs have been developed based on extensive research from around the world. Our recommendation is that clients attend for a period of 90 days to receive the best possible results. With this length of stay Habitat has the ability to address and correct maladaptive behaviours, provide extensive counselling and teach those afflicted by drug and alcohol issues the tools they will need to utilise after completion of the program to remain clean and sober for life. Offsite meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are a daily part of the program as it is membership of these organisations that will provide the ongoing, life-long support for the recovering addict/alcoholic.

We understand that some clients may not be able to commit to a stay for 90 days, we therefore also offer 60 and 30 day programs. We can tailor a program for the individual to give the best possible chance of success giving consideration to time and financial constraints. Obviously the longer the program the more strength and experience in recovery are gained, but even with our shorter programs you will leave the facility with the tools you need to stay drug and alcohol free.

90 Day Comprehensive Treatment

Research has indicated that 90 days is a suitable amount of time to make significant impact on clients suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

During the 90 days clients will receive 24 hour support and supervision and participate in extensive therapy sessions, education sessions, therapeutic living, physical activity, meditation and relaxation techniques and recreational activities. During this time our thorough assessments may indicate that some clients may also require specialised psychological/psychiatric interventions. These services can be arranged after consultation with family and loved ones.

Our Family Support and Education program is available to the families of clients undertaking the 90 day program.

Each client is closely monitored for progress towards recovery and their program is altered as required.

As they progress through the program the client will be given responsibilities and increased freedoms which will assist with their recovery. This includes family visits and weekend leave.

At the completion of the program the client will have been assisted to develop a living in recovery plan and be equipped with the required knowledge and tools to function in society in an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

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60 Day Intermediate and 30 Day Intensive Treatment Programs

At Habitat we understand that some people cannot commit the time or resources to complete the 90 day program. Upon request and after assessment Habitat may accept a client for shorter stays being either 60 or 30 days.

The treatment program is similar to the 90 day program however certain aspects need to be completed early such as the living in recovery plan. By completing one of these options the client will leave with sufficient tools to continue living in an alcohol and drug free lifestyle however they have not been as thoroughly counselled, involved in as many therapy sessions nor had as much time to address maladaptive behaviours.

Based on recovery program research and our own experience we recommend the 90 day program when possible.

Custom Recovery Programs

We understand that due to family, work or other commitments some potential clients might need our assistance and not be able to commit to our programs. If this is the case, we encourage you to call and discuss other treatment options that may be tailored to your circumstances.

Programs can be extended at any stage should you decide that a longer stay will be of benefit to your recovery. Our experienced staff will be happy to consult with you and your loved ones on this matter.

We offer pickup and drop off from Melbourne CBD & the airport.

Our clients come from all states and capital cities including MelbourneSydneyAdelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Darwin.  Often it is good to remove the sufferer from their normal place of abode to create a gap to help them focus on their recovery and not what is occurring with their family and friends.

We provide treatments for alcohol addictionice addictioncocaine addictionheroin addiction and other drugs at our facility in Geelong (a short drive from Melbourne). We also encourage clients to come from interstate, like Adelaide or Sydney, because getting away from home and the associated triggers is always a good idea. Our point of difference is that the multi-dimensional recovery approach is the most comprehensive treatment program available. We offer residential drug and alcohol rehab combined with supportive accommodation.

“Before coming to Habitat I’d lost everything and was miserable, with their program I learnt how to live life on life’s terms without drugs and alcohol, a year later I’m still clean and sober and have my life back plus so much more, the level of care here is second to none”

Daniel P.

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