What is an addiction?

An accepted medical term is “a maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress.”  In simple wording addiction is if a person uses drugs or alcohol that has negative consequences on themselves or others and they cannot control the behaviour.

What causes addiction?

This is not clear at the moment. What we do know is that:

  • There is a genetic link in many addicts (Mum, Dad or the grandparents suffered from addiction)
  • Post Traumatic Stress (Negative events in the past may be a factor)
  • Continued use of drug and or alcohol for a period of time (The time varies for everyone)

What is the best treatment?

At Habitat Therapeutics through experience and research we have determined that the best treatment for addiction involves the following:

  1. Removal from the current environment.  You need to take a break from life and change your surroundings for a period of time.  This allows the user to concentrate on themselves and not have to deal with the pressures of daily life.  This is the residential part of our program.  It has also been found to be beneficial to be in a community of people who are also battling addiction.
  2. Receive Therapy.  This can vary for the individual but discussing and working through your thoughts and maladaptive behaviours is vital.  The addict must understand what is occurring and why.  Then implement changes to break the repetitive process of drug and alcohol abuse.  Learn to live without substance.
  3. Once a solid foundation is established then our clients are taught how to maintain their clean and sober lifestyle.  This is based on 12 step principles and we provide them with numerous tools and education to “live life on lifes terms”.

Why treatments fail!

There are several reasons why a treatment may not be effective, they include:

  • The sufferer is not willing to change (they have not hit a bottom point yet).
  • The treatment is not suitable for the user.  Treatments such as harm reduction are not suitable for many addicts.
  • Circumstances and surroundings do not change.  Addicts normally have a reason to use drugs and alcohol.  This needs to be removed in early recovery to start the process of changing maladaptive behaviours.  This is why a residential program has strong recovery outcomes.
  • The treatment is ineffective.  At Habitat Therapeutics we have an adaptive approach to treatment and continually change our program as required to personalise for the best results.  We constantly monitor our clients to ensure recovery is progressing.
  • Lack of support once on the road to recovery.  It’s important for family and friends to help.  At HT we offer continual support for anyone that has completed our program.  We also offer family counselling and phone support.

Where to from here?

Addiction is a progressive illness and although there may be times when you or a loved one appear they are ‘in control’, invariably the addict will again lose control, and life will become unmanageable.  Currently all clients that have completed our 90 day program have maintained a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

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